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Liceo Ginnasio Statale V.Monti - Cesena - (FC)
Piazza G.Sanguinetti, 50 - 47521 - Cesena (FC) - Tel. 0547 21039
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Liceo Ginnasio Statale V.Monti - Cesena - (FC)
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Poeti del novecento

Last Tuesday classes 5Ac, 5Bc, 5Cc attended a lesson about Emily Dickinson in our Library.
Teacher Casalboni spoke about "Because I couldn't stop", poem translated by Nadia Campana, poetess greatly influenced by Dickinson's themes and style.
The lesson has given the opportunity to approch one of her best lyrics and, maybe, understand our own experiences, through her obscure, passionate and modern style. She was concerned with the exploration of the self, the "Undiscovered Continent" nobody knows.




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